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If You Need an "Optic" Manufactured...

If you need any sort of "optic" fabricated for your end use or for a customer, I can connect you with a manufacturer that will make your part. Or I will act as a "Go-between" to help you present your diamond-turning or flycutting project clearly and properly for quotation by any given vendor. I’ll help you provide "reasonable" specifications, satisfying your requirements and keeping the costs of manufacturing and testing to a minimum. I can lead you to a good nickel-plating vendor. I can help specify the correct diamond tool geometry, etc. for the job. I can design fixturing that will minimize distortion or "print-through" to the optic. Such fixturing can sometimes double as a holder during optical testing!


Are you considering becoming an Optics Manufacturer?

What if you're thinking of bringing the diamond-turning or flycutting process in-house? I can help the prospective manufacturer to "Count the costs" before making the purchase of the equipment and the facility to house it. I know many of the machine and test equipment manufacturers, and the Diamond-tool and sharpening vendors.


If you are an Optics Manufacturer...

I don't compete with the manufacturers of Diamond-Turned or Diamond-Flycut products. If you are a manuafacturer and you need help quoting a particular Diamond-machining job, first let me sign your non-disclosure agreement, then send me the prints! Can you believe that I may have quoted the job previously?


If you are a Machine Manufacturer...

I don't compete with the machine makers either. Instead, my aim is to help you manufacturers in some way. For instance, I designed the coolant/lubricant spray nozzle system used on most diamond-turning machines today. Also, I designed and patented (as the inventor) Micro-Height Adjusters Within a Multi-tool Flycutter Head, US patent number 8,327,742. If my client needs a machine, I will be calling you, to get you two together.

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