For more information about my services, please contact
James Austin at

608 Northbrook Dr.
Lompoc, CA

Phone: 805-757-2081

James A. Austin

ushing the Envelope

in Diamond-Machining




A little more about me. . .

I am well acquainted with most of your tasks. That is a bold
and seemingly arrogant statement, but it is rooted in 37 years
of hands-on experience, over the entire "Diamond-Turning
and Diamond-Flycutting" discipline.

I have been involved in:


Operating the equipment, making the parts, testing the parts

Competing against other manufacturers
Repairing, moving, and upgrading the facilities, the
equipment and the processes
Designing and building new equipment (both for
manufacturing and test)
Performing and documenting detailed research such as (but
not limited to) Small Business Innovative Research Grants;
Phase I and Phase II
Designing Tooling and Fixturing
Working as a Sales Engineer, converting designs and dreams
into reality
Managing a production facility
Studying the production characteristics of the materials
Studying the diamond and the shank
Project Management


Here's how I like to work...

For starters, you should call and/or e-mail, or visit me, to develop your belief that I can help. Then you may wish me to sign your Non-Disclosure Agreement. Then, as a consultant, I ask for a Purchase Order made out to Diamond-Turning Consulting Co. for a minimum of 4 hours at $175 (U.S.) per hour ($700 minimum billing) for my services, (longer contracts may allow for downward adjustment of my hourly rate). We can then talk at length; as many calls, tasks, faxes, emails and visits as fulfill the P.O.

Normally, I invoice you at the end of the contract, however, in longer contracts, about every 20 hours. Our first contract is billable
at Net 10 with a 50% up front charge; after that, Net 30 with 2% discount for net 10 is typical. For foreign clients, payment by electronic deposit is required.

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